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Edgar Berebi - Luxury Stemware Collection

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The story behind the unparalleled designs of Edgar Berebi and the luxury of the Museum Collection.

Luxurious Wedding Accessories presents the Museum Collection - the Limited Edition Stemware designed by Edgar Berebi. Each piece can be considered Functional Art. You will feel like royalty as you sip your favorite cocktail from these magnificent designs. Order extra Glass Bowls so you can screw in the Glass Bowl of you choice when drinking Champagne, Wine or Martinis.

Each piece comes in a lovely Gift Box with an enclosure of authenticity.
View all the Swarovski Crystal Stems available in the MUSEUM COLLECTION.

You will never fret over breaking one of these designs. Each Stem is a singular piece that harbors a crystal clear Glass Bowl with a base that twists into the Stem. Our prices include 2 Stems with 2 Champagne Bowls. If you prefer another Wine, Water or Martini Bowl to be substituted, simply place your order and email us from our Contact page and we will happily make the change. You can also order the other available Bowls that you can switch out. All of the Glass Bowls are removable and replaceable should a breakage occur.

Designer and Artisan, Edgar Berebi, takes pride in creating the most luxurious stemware, picture frames and collectible boxes available. Each design is 100% American made and all are copyrighted with the US Library of Congress.

In his studio known as his Masterwork Atelier, over 42 illustrious and meticulous European and American craftsmen create each item by hand. They have been trained in the Old World craftsmanship of hand engraving. Inventory on their shelves is nonexistent. Each order is handcrafted specifically for you and arrives in a magnificently appointed Gift Box with a Certificate of Authenticity. A true work of art. The production time is estimated at 4 to 6 weeks.

Each piece in the Museum Collection is finished in 24K Gold Plate or Burnished Silver, then adorned with Swarovski Crystals and Hand Guilloche Enamel.

(Guilloché, pronounced “gee-oh-shay,” is a mechanical engraving technique, produced by a “rose machine,” that dates to the 17th century, popularized during the Victorian Era. Metal pieces that have been Guilloché Enameled are covered with a translucent layer of enamel, giving the geometric patterns underneath the enamel a colorful hue,)

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