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Glitterati Gold Sparkling Crystal Wine Glass & Decanter Set

The Glitterati Wine Decanter is made from hand-blown lead free clear glass. The top bauble is adorned with hand applied Aurora Borealis cut crystals. It holds a standard 750ml bottle of wine. Dimensions: 8.5in. × 8.5in. × 10.2in.
Each of the clear glasses have a sparkling crystal ORB gracing the top of the stem.
1 Glitterati ORB Decanter 8.5in. × 8.5in. × 10.2in.
2 Glitterati ORB White Wine Glasses: 8 oz. 4in. × 4in. × 9in.
2 Glitterati ORB Red Wine Glasses: 6in. × 6in. × 10in.
2 Glitterati ORB Champagne Flutes: 8 oz 3.5in. × 3.5in. × 10in.

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