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Glitterati All Purpose Jar with Sparkling Crystals

The Glitterati All Purpose Jar will dazzle everyone who sees it. Made from hand blown clear glass and features a trim of blindingly brilliant sparkling clear crystals that outline the modern shape. The top edges complete the dazzle with a large crystal gem centered on the top.. Measures: L 6in. W 6in. H 6in. Available with Silver Trim only.

The Jar is part of The Glitterati Breaking Bling Beverage Set which is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to Take A Break and chill in style. The Breaking Bling Set is made from hand blown glass that is adorned with blindingly brilliant hand applied cut clear crystal accents. Available with either Gold or Silver trim.

The Breaking Bling Mugs have blindingly brilliant hand applied cut crystal accents draping down the handle. Functional, yet gorgeous. Accommodates both Hot and Cold beverages. The glass portion is easily removed from the stainless steel cradle for easy cleaning. Measures : L 3.5in. W 3.5in. H 6.5in.

The Breaking Bling Pitcher is grounded with brilliant clear crystal wrapped around the base. Holds 40 ounces. Accommodated Cold beverages only. Measures: L 5in. x W 5in. x H 8in.

The Breaking Bling 7 and a half inch Snack Dish has the same trim as the Pitcher and Beverage Mug. It accommodates just enough treats to satisfy your cravings.
As with all special orders and one of a kind pieces the color and essence may vary slightly from the photograph.

Custom order. Approximately available to ship within 2 weeks. All sales are final.

Please note that all Luxurious Wedding Accessories are custom ordered just for you. By placing your order you acknowledge, agree and accept that all our products fall under a no refund and a no cancellation policy. All sales are final.

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