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Czarina Brooch Bouquet Gold

The Czarina Brooch Bouquet is a statement piece that says you have no bounds when it comes to beauty.

DESCRIPTION: Czarina is a cascading tiered bouquet with tightly clustered Crystal Brooches that sparkle to the heavens. The crystals are set into your choice of Gold, Rose Gold or Silver tone metal with layers of draping crystals that end dramatically with a dangling singular crystal brooch.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: You do not need a US shipping address for our Brooch Bouquets. We ship Internationally on this item.

BROOCH COLOR CHOICES: Clear Crystal Stones inset into Gold, Rose Gold or Silver Tone Metal.

10 inches wide x 25 inches long.
9 inches wide x 22 inches long.
8 inches wide x 20 inches long.
6 inches wide x 16 inches long.

HANDLE: Because of the design, this bouquet is only available with the Lariat or the Lattice or the Glitter Handle. The Handle for this bouquet is sized and placed so that the brooches are supported properly. Please select which HANDLE CHOICE you would like.

Refer to our BROOCH BOUQUET ORDERING INFORMATION page for a complete description.

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PERSONALIZING YOUR ORDER: Once your order is placed we will email you a form for you to enter all the specifics of your order - the Brooch Color and Handle Style plus any special requests or instructions. You can always email or call us to discuss your order.

Custom made to order: Delivery is estimated on the long side of 8-10 weeks. We recommend that you do not wait until the last minute as the production schedule can get backed up and we would not want to disappoint you.
Please note that all Luxurious Wedding Accessories are custom made just for you. By placing your order you acknowledge, agree and accept that all our products fall under a no refund and a no cancellation policy. All sales are final.

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