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Bliss Swarovski Crystal Bouquet Brace & Unity Candle Holder Silver

The Bliss Bouquet Brace is a Holder and Stand for your Brooch Bouquet or any wedding bouquet. It makes a stunning prop for your bouquet on the Bridal Table.

Our Bliss Brooch Bouquet Brace is made with hundreds of hand-set clear Swarovski Crystals that have been cast pewter with a silver tone metal finish. Available in Silver or Gold.

A design that you will love showing off on you Bridal Table as well as in your new home. It can be used as a Candle Holder too. The top and bottom are reversible so that you will find many uses for it.

Can be used as a Candle Holder too.
Sized at: 5.25" Dia. x 4.5" Dia. x 2.5" H
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Custom order. Approximately available to ship within 2 weeks.
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