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Luxury Wedding Invitation Designer Boxes

Click to view all our Luxurious Wedding Couture Invitation Designers.

Our couture wedding invitation designs are inspired by the latest trends and lavish textiles. They are masterful at conceptualizing invitation designs that have high impact using visually striking fonts, imagery, textiles, brooches, crystals and distinctive elements.

You can also create your own invitation box with our collection of DIY couture invitation boxes.

Price: 17 USD each
Minimum purchase = 40 pcs.

Please Email us to purchase or for a designer recommendation for this invitation or the Invitation Boxes below.

A DIY Wedding Invitation Box that is a self mailer. Shantung Silk decorates the interior of the box. To secure your invitation below, the top right is decorated with a Satin Ribbon, in the color of your choice, with a sparkling crystal accent drop. The opposite side is decorated with a Satin Ribbon strip centered to secure your RSVP and other enclosures. The interior shantung silk and satin ribbons are available in your choice of hues. Shipping Additional. Click for more DIY Invitation Box Options

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